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  I have nothing bad to say about Docken. Anne & Paul are knowledgeable, reasonable, fair, responsive, and prompt. Great communication. Every maintenance request has been handled effectively & quickly. 

We Care About Our Properties

We Care About You

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Whether you're looking for your first place, new to town, needing a change of pace, or looking to settle in for a long time, we have a community that will suit your needs. 


We get to know our residents and care about your happiness and satisfaction with your housing.  We do our best to meet your needs. 

We are not a huge corporation.  We are a family that is dedicated to our residents and our properties.  It won't take days to fix a maintenance issue.  We want you to be happy in a well-maintained space. 

We are family owned and operated for the past 46 years. Friendly brother and sister team.  When you contact us, you get Paul and Anne directly. 

Family Owned and Operated

Why Choose Us

With a smaller staff, it's easy for us to stay connected with you and your needs.  Any questions or requests are handled typically within the same day.