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Downtown Charm


Historic and spacious close to  Camp Randall.  Relax and unwind while still being close to it all. 


The best part about Madison is all the great things there are to see and do.  From the peaceful parks, arboretums and lakes, to the bustle of the UW , Camp Randall and Downtown areas, you are sure to find something new near your home. 


Ask Paul or Anne to help you find an apartment that fits your needs.

What We Offer 

Living in Madison can be expensive– there's no need to make it harder on yourself by paying too much for rent.


All of our apartments and condos are representative of great value.  They are clean, well built, charming, and unique. 

Let Paul and Anne help you find the right place for you. 

Spacious Campus Digs


Quiet and charming community tucked away in the Vilas Neighborhood. Enjoy the charm and variety of this neighborhood within walking distance of Camp Randall.

All of our apartments, condo rentals are clean, quiet, and comfortable. Many feature wood flooring, large and sunny windows, as well as ample storage and unique layouts. 


Check out the quiet , friendly, and charming neighborhoods and communities.